“To Kill A Beast” by: Derick Dean Logan

“To Kill A Beast”
by: Derick Dean Logan
The Seals of Society’s ignorance to the very System they helped create is due either to a blatant rejection to responsibility or just the lack of care to what takes place in their name. If Society can create it, it also has the power to destroy it. This Beast goes unchallenged, then grieved at the affects caused. I have been wrongfully convicted as well as 78.3% here within these Tombs of Texas, how is this statistic true?The System is designed with policies, rules, and laws, yet it’s the process or procedures that are not being adhered to. Ineffective Consul, Procedural Error, and Illegal Processes are common terms familiar to any Student of Law. However, the layman, i.e. person without professional knowledge, is themselves ineffective when it comes to legal/illegal matters. The information that grants the Quality of Life desired is the Tool a Society uses to Kill A Beast as it were a Flawed System. Human Life is being used to establish a Local Economy that also supports a National Revenue, all under the Color of Free Labor/Slavery based within a Constitutional Amendment (See 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments).

City/State Revenue – Profits are the handshake and Pat on the Back for a job well done while Society willingly turns a Blind Eye with the excuse the Beast is too big! Reading has become a burden in a society that stays at warp speed just to place a sandwich on the table. At some point, Society, dare I say, the Family has to take a stand. Get Involved and Act on the behalf of the family member, loved one, or friend to ensure Justice and Equality are at the forefront of every decision made in the court rooms that affect Us as a People and a Society. Stop the abandonment, the hands tied mentality for if not, the Beast will live. As long as men and women like myself struggle to build and maintain a weak existence at best while you, the family, society, tell yourself- it’s their fault, they should have done this or that, yet even at our own doing Procedural Misconduct happens and lives are thrown away. This is not a plea for the wrong BUT it is a plea for True Justice within a so called “Just Society”.

I am One Man, One Voice, One Vision. My name is Derick Dean Logan and I’ve been here in the Tombs of Texas 16 years for a crime I did not commit, my trial was a shame, judge, prosecutors – ACTORS in a Drama that produced a “Not for T.V.” production and of course an Attorney that was shook by the whole presentation. My mother, and daughter have supported and become a force for change. My daughters have gained jurisprudence and wisdom in the fight for my freedom and I am very grateful to have them as representatives. The years have come and gone BUT a year has come for Us and now I have the opportunity to represent the others lost here without anyone. The road ahead is long, but it’s the steps we take that will determine the speed in which we will reach our destination. It starts with a wound and once injured death can and will come to this Beast, this killer of Men, Women, and Children; destroyer of families and society that for too long welcomed it.

To Kill A Beast? I just did.


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