“Rich With Knowledge” by Mike Henry

“Rich With Knowledge”
by: Mike Henry

Educate yourself and be rich.  

Education is the key to Life and Knowledge,

And it will help you get rich.

Just take your time and learn things right,

Or you will find yourself doing things twice.

Living and learning “It’s no trick,”

So try not to be like some people

And live life slick and want things quick.

It will take a lot of effort and hard work

Because making it in life For Real is not a joke.

For every slick move you make

And for every short-cut you take,

The true meaning of knowledge will be put at stake.

And the lessons you learn from the steps that you take

Will be the true message from knowledge,

And it will help correct the mistakes you will make.

So hold your head up high

And with every step that you take

Keep your faith toward the sky.

Copyright © 2015 [Mike Henry]. All Rights Reserved.
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