“How To Succeed” by Renaldo Singh

“How To Succeed”
by: Renaldo Singh

Life began when you were conceived.

Vigour with imagination you received.

To live, learn, grow and explore,

Before you are gone forevermore!

Get up! Claim what’s rightfully yours.

Dance in the rain as thunder roars.

See the world, laugh without care.

Talk to people, live without fear.

Achieve, always with a smile.

Rest your worries, even for a while.

The world is aging, so are you.

Nothing’s sadder, hence it’s true!

Unleash yourself unto the earth.

Show them your style, show them your worth

Read, develop, inspire and succeed,

Building memories with each blessed deed.

Arise with the sun,

Leave no stone unturned, no task undone.

Cherish each moment, come what may,

Then you succeeded, you lived each day!

 Copyright © 2014 [Renaldo Singh]. All Rights Reserved.
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