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First and foremost, Thanks a lot for your interest!  The response from musicians, managers, artists, etc. on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook has been much larger and faster than I expected and I have actually been overwhelmed with submissions and messages for weeks now.  I have been asked to visit various websites to listen to music, respond to emails, secure permissions, post new songs and more, so please forgive me if you receive a delayed response.  That is also the reason that I am writing this blog to answer many of the basic questions that many of you have.  Please understand that this project is still in it’s early stages, but WILL be completed! With that said…  If you are interested in being a part of this special project, please read this blog in its entirety.

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This will be my company’s first album released.  It will feature no more than “3 songs” from every major music genre including but not limited to: Rock, Hiphop, Country, R&B, Reggae, Pop, Gospel, etc., etc.  Every song Must be inspiration, motivational, or educational/informational.  Also, every song Must be totally clean and for All ages.  Not even one curse word!  The title has not been chosen yet, but right now I am calling the project “Music With A Message!”  The idea of the project is to: 1. Prove that all kinds of music can be more than just entertaining.  2. Prove that clean, inspirational music can entertain, uplift, and sound and feel good all at the same time.  3. Prove that independent artists and labels can come together to do something BIG and Meaningful!  4.  To reach the whole world, because most people worldwide listen to at least one of the major genres of music.

There is also plans for a dvd/documentary to be released with the project that will feature videos of the artists’ songs, interviews, live performance footage, and whatever else the artists come up with and send in for the documentary!


Basically, artists/musicians/producers/poets will submit a song or two.  ”IF” a song of theirs is chosen to be on the compilation, they will be paid a flat rate and sign a contract for my company to have rights to promote and sale their song for profit as a part of the compilation album.  The details will be available once the contract for the compilation artists has been written.  I am receiving feedback from my advisors as well as concerned artists about ways to make the terms fair to the artists and my company.  This is being considered before the contracts are drafted.  The final contract will be complete and available before the song submission deadline.  This means that artists would have a chance to see the contract and remove their song from the competition before the song selection process if they wished.

What I AM PROMISING/GUARANTEEING the artists is that:
1. Their song, name, pictures and link will receive tons of promotion online and here in Atlanta, GA (even if you don’t make the album!), 2. They will be brought to Atlanta at least once for a weekend of shows/events/videos/commercials (this applies to U.S. artists only- intl. artists would probably only receive a set amount for travel), 3. They will be a part of something that’s never been done before and that’s all-positive.  Those are my promises.  ”IF” things go as well as I plan and hope for them to, then the artists would also be invited on an at least 3-5 big cities tour.


If your song is selected for the actual compilation project, you would NOT be giving my company 100% rights to your song.  You would be giving my company non-exclusive rights to promote and sell your song as a single or as a part of the album as a whole.  You could still sell your song from your site if you wished and you would still be compensated if your song was placed on the radio or was wanted for advertising, etc.


Songs will be selected in 3 ways:

1. I personally choose the song because it is perfect for the project and the vision that I have for it.  I will choose no more than 1 song from each genre.

2. The song has to be #1 in song plays (in that genre) on OUR company music   THIS MEANS: when you submit a song (with at least 2 pictures and a link for people to buy or listen to your music) you MUST also give my company permission to upload and post those online for people to listen to and see but NOT for people to buy or download from me.  1 song will be chosen from each genre by the fans in other words!

3. I am putting together a “Panel of Judges” for the project.  It will consist of artists, music industry professionals, musicians, instructors, and critics.  They will vote for and decide 1 song in each genre.

That’s how the songs will be selected!

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