Content Submission Guidelines!

We Accept Songs, Poems, Music Videos, Speeches, Commercials, Skits, Videos, Blogs, Etc.!

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Please Read Fully Before Submitting!

All content that is sent to us must have an overall message that is educating, motivating, and/or inspiring an audience to better their lives, community, or world.  We accept content from all countries and in any language.  Your work does not have to be religious in nature- we actually prefer secular content- although we do promote religious music, videos, and poetry also.  We accept articles, poetry, and music from every genre as long as it is clean, positive, and informative!  We also promote the biographies of companies and people who have products or services that are meant to inspire or educate others.  Please read our entire Content Submission Guidelines below before submitting your content, biography, pictures and more to


Music Videos!
Content submitted to us should not include the following:

  • Curse Words! (not even “radio versions” where they have been edited out)
  • The promotion of negative lifestyles, things, places, people, philosophies, etc.!
  • Racism of Any kind!
  • Speaking negatively about Any religion, group of people, or way of life!
  • Obscene/Disrespectful gestures or images!

When submitting content, you should also include:

  • Song files (mp3. or wav.) Video files (mp4., avi., or wmv.)
  • At least 2-4 pictures of the author, singer/band, company, etc.
  • A Biography (can be brief)
  • A link to your primary website (it can be a social site)
  • A link to any other websites of yours
  • Your name, age, country, and city of residence
  • Your primary email address and phone #
  • Your Twitter username
  • All of Your song’s lyrics or video’s script in English 

When submitting content, please understand that you are giving Dreams Made Real Inc. the legal permission to use your content for the following reasons:

  • To promote your  content on our company website as well as our many social media sites
  • To use all or some of your content as a part of promotional commercials or advertisements for the company

We Do Not Sell or Give Away Any of Your Information or Material to 3rd Parties!

To Submit Your Content:

  • Send all of your content, pictures, and information to
  • Please title the subject of your email as “Song Submission!” or “Content Submission!”

If you are unsure about your content, please Contact Us or listen to some of the songs on our music player below or checkout the videos on our website’s Videos page!  Please  Do Not just send us a link to your music, video, or website and tell us to check it out and see if it fits our criteria!  Just submit the songs that you believe or hope we will accept.  Thanks and we hope to receive your submission soon!

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