DMRpresents: Chris Chickering

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DMRpresents: Chris Chickering

Chris Chickering is a visionary singer-songwriter, recording artist and impactful speaker whose music inspires joy, self-fulfillment and happiness.

Chris founded Music for Positive Change™ in order to realize his vision of music as a powerful force for self-actualization. His mission is to effect real social change by making music that inspires people to live passionate, joy-filled lives.

Working in conjunction with multiple award-winning producers, engineers and musicians–including Emmy-winning,Grammy-nominated co-writer/producer Greg Barnhill, Chris has written over one hundred songs and completed five studio albums.

 “By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it.” – Nikos Kazantzakis



Living In The Now(2013)

The Resurrection of Me(2014)

The Better Side(2015)

“Regeneration” (2015)

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One thought on “DMRpresents: Chris Chickering

  1. Awesome Website! thank you for being a positive force in a world of madness! My favorite saying is ” The world is full of wonderful people that love you for just being yourself, If you can’t find one, BE ONE”
    I have a rock song that I would love to see if someone can remix with hip hop beat . I’ve been told it sound like Lenny Kravitz but I don’t hear myself lol the song title is call “It’s All About Love” Let me know what you would suggest. and Thank you again for promoting positive music!!

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