3 Innovative Video Marketing Tips for 2016

3 Innovative Video Marketing Tips for 2016

By: Lea Briones

Assessing your Video Marketing Plan

Another year has passed and it’s time for us to assess our marketing campaigns from last year.  Most likely you’ve included a video element for your lead generation strategy and was reaping great results out of it.  Even though your video marketing was successful last year, there is always a room for improvement.  You need to level up your video marketing plans in order to keep up with latest trends and keep the attention span of your readers.  Here are 3 innovative video marketing tips for 2016 that you should pay attention to.

1. Engage in Virtual Reality Videos

There is nothing more appealing than seeing all your ideas transform into life, and virtual reality videos are the best way to transform your idea into reality.  Virtual Reality videos promote your brand to your customers in a much closer and more intimate way.  Virtual reality videos are the perfect way to improve your storytelling strategy in an interactive way.  Instead of telling your brand’s story through text, you can now express it through your video, and your customers can personally experience your product, brand, or services profoundly.  Click the following link to read more about: Creating the Perfect Virtual Reality Video to Promote Your Brand.

2. Make Use of Interactive Videos

Although video marketing has dominated the content marketing world because of its effective method in retaining your audience’s attention, most videos nowadays are still passive.  The “engagement” element that is vital to the success of your brand is still missing.  In order to create a successful video, you need to make your audience feel that they are part of your brand.  One way of doing that is by creating an interactive video.  By making an interactive video, you are allowing your audience to engage in the video as they choose.  One prominent example that showcased the success of interactive videos is from Tippex which generated a remarkable 1 million YouTube views in its first 36 hours and eventually garnered over 22 million views.

3. Invest More in Social Videos

Aside from creating interactive videos, it is also important to incorporate them in social media networks.  Statistics shows that the social media users who upload social videos had increased 75% globally and 94% of them came from the US.  Over 50% of Facebook users watch at least 1 video every day.  Social Engagement and networking are very powerful and vital for your overall video marketing success.  IDG reports that 44% of the user’s purchasing decision are influenced by seeing a social video.  Users are more likely to engage with your brand.  So make sure to take advantage of the social videos.

Taking these 3 innovative video marketing tips will surely impact how your brand can connect with your audience and convert more potential leads into sales.  Consider dedicating your time and resources in these areas this 2016.

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