Be The Game Changer

Be The Game Changer

Be the Game Changer

By: Frank Karaglanis

You are the fruit of your thoughts, you reap what you sow.  Focus only on where you are going and give no attention to where you don’t want to be.  Don’t dwell upon negativity, problems, or obstacles; give them absolutely no energy.  They will not reward you with prosperity, happiness, or bliss; they will only deprive, limit, hurt, and harm you.  Take control and monitor your thoughts; be the positive solution.  Be the cause of your outcomes and look for the solutions and answers, not the problems.  Be the game changer in your life, what you think is what you expect and what you expect you eventually get.  Sharpen your focus and open your heart up to what really counts, what really matters, and what’s really important in your life.  Heroes in life see opportunity, success, and fortune in the midst of mishaps and misfortunes; they keep on keeping on with relentless courage, belief, and faith.  Combine your focused thoughts with positive, passionate determination and live the way of your will.  Don’t be ambushed, tricked, trapped, enslaved, or tormented by anything!  Negative thoughts put up limits, restrictions, walls, barriers, and barricades.  Release yourself from your self-imposed negative dungeon; don’t be a victim anymore!  Get on with your life and get the results you want; build your vision, believe in your vision, work your vision, and watch your vision manifest.  Love yourself enough to do something good for yourself.

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